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SANKHYA NextTrade is a DataFactory built over InfiniProc delivered bundled with a BigData appliance Infi3K. With NextTrade over Infi3K you get started with a real time high velocity DataFactory computing billions of operations per second generating signals of interest for your financial trading or analytics business. NextTrade comes integrated with a test delayed realtime data feed, basic distributed statistical analytics platform, a signal generator and virtual trading agent.

Overview of Infi3K-SANKHYA InfiniProc + NextTrade DataFactory + ServerOption

Server Option-1 The 2UTwin2 Super Server with 4 Nodes from Super Micro

Node Configuration

2 x Intel E5-2600 Processors With 6-8 Cores 2 x 3.5" SATA HDDs of 1 TB Each
32 GB (8GB x 4) DDR3 On Board SATA 3.0 With RAID 0,1,5
Dual Port 1-Giga Bit Ethernet 4 Heavy Duty Fans, 1620 W red. Platinum level highly energy efficient power supply